Boston is a world class arts and cultural center. It is home to many iconic theatres and museums; Wang, Colonial, Opera House, and the Museum of Fine Arts, yet most events are very expensive, making it difficult for most citizens to attend a production. The average ticket price for a major theatre event in Boston is approximately $85. On most nights Boston’s major theatre venues sit 75% empty for shows. The arts community is inadequately addressing the lack of underprivileged youths’ ability to attend these events as well, as tickets are scarcely donated to organizations that serve that segment of our communities.

Partnering with artists, production companies, and venues, The Art Garden's mission is to provide youth organizations, within the greater Boston area, access to the arts, via art exhibits, musical and theatre productions, as well as other methods of performance to culture and inspire children that may never have the chance to attend such an event.

Arts involvements allows children to develop a stronger awareness of self-esteem, increases opportunities for self-expression and creative abilities, as well as providing a sense of collective identity. Research shows that involvement in the arts increases student attendance, and students at risk for dropping out of school often say that theatre and art motivate them to stay in school. Students involved in theatre tend to outscore other students on the SATs, tend to be better communicators, highly motivated, and become leaders in their community than those without art involvement.